The man, the myth, the legend.  (Actually, he's not really that important.)

24 Weeks Later

Two weeks left in the weight loss competition but today was my personal final measurement day. I have been taking measurements of my weight, neck, chest, waist, hips and body fat every 4 weeks since I started. I also took photos at the start, at the 12 week point and then again today. You can see my final results here.

Dad’s Day & Moved In

Amanda brought the kids by this morning for a Father’s Day brunch. I cooked us up some oatmeal, scrambled eggs and bacon. It was full of yum! The boys got me a little potted flower which is awesome. I have got myself quite the collection of plants going since I moved into the new apartment. It’s been about 3 weeks and none have died yet. :)

I spent Mom’s Day on the river so I mixed it up a bit and headed out to Canyon Lake today with Aaron. Gorgeous day! We rowed out a couple of hours, floated for a bit to soak up some sun and then rowed back in. It was a helluva workout. Especially with all the wakes from passing boats knocking us around. I believe we’ll be heading back to the river next time.

I think I’m finally done moving into the new place. Everything is unpacked and decorated. I’m pretty happy with it. I threw some photos up on the photos page if anyone wants to take a gander.

The weight loss competition is still going well. There’s only about 3 weeks left. I plan to go ahead and put my “before and after” photos up next week as that will be the 24 week mark and I’ve been doing measurements/photos in 4 week intervals. I can’t wait for this to be over. Not because I want to pig out but because I feel really scrawny. I need to put about 15 pounds of muscle on and I’m ready to get to it.

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there!

Movin’ On Up

The one bedroom apartment has finally gotten old. It’s “alright” when I’m by myself but when the boys are here I think we’re all two annoying sounds away from strangling each other.

I got a two bedroom that is literally across the street from my current apartment. My garage is right in the middle of the two so no need to move garages which is crazy nice since all of the garages around here seem to be rented out already. I’ve hired First On Fire Fighters to help me move the big stuff on Friday but I’m anxious to have this all done. Since this past Saturday, I’ve been moving myself over box by box and my whole body is now hurtin’. It wouldn’t be SO bad but it’s 3rd floor to 3rd floor. I ate like crap last week (compared to how I usually eat) and I still managed to drop 2 pounds thanks to this beating I’m giving my body.

Speaking of dropping weight, I’m down nearly 45 pounds now — 22% *poof*. I think I’m currently around 12% body fat. The 2-pack is showing nicely and the next 2 are starting to come-in. Hopefully by the end of this weight loss challenge (in 6 weeks), I’ll have a full 6 going. (Read more about the weight loss challenge.)

Web Design Weekend

The kids and I are dedicating this weekend to learning html and some basic php/mysql code. Well, they’re learning. I’ll be doing the teaching. Dresden will be working on his site and Aiden on Aiden is taking WordPress for a spin whereas Dre is going down his own path. Right now Dresden’s page is in “Maintence” … whatever that is. ;)

As for my site, I’m about done with the new layout and content. I spent a good part of yesterday getting my flickr account updated with new photos. You can find a link to the photos in the menu above. In the “projects” section, I created a page detailing my weight loss efforts. Some people were asking what I was doing to drop so much weight and I thought it’d be nice to have one place that I could direct anyone interested.

In addition to web design, the boys and I are planning to do lots of swimming and bike riding this weekend. I can only sit at this table for so long. If we were playing World of Warcraft, the kids could sit here from now until school Monday morning.

Mom’s Day – On The River

Whew. Busy day today. Sandie Casares threw a Rackspace party at her house last night so I was running short on sleep this morning as it was. Great party, by the way! I got up this morning and headed over to Amanda’s to make her and the kids a Mother’s Day Brunch. I cooked baked french toast and an alfredo chicken scrambled egg mix. It was yummy! And packed full of protein.

After the late morning feast, I met up with Aaron Jensen on the Guad under i-35. We put the kayaks in there and then proceeded to paddle upstream and walk the kayaks over two dams. We tried to make it to the third dam but the current was just too strong as we rounded the corner towards the dam so we turned around and let the river take us back to our cars. The day was gorgeous and there were turtles and ducks everywhere. It was a good time.

Once we got the kayaks out of the river and packed up, we headed over to Rudy’s to chow down on some much needed grub. We had to have burned quite a few calories paddling up that river. After Rudy’s, I came back home, set the kayak out to dry and headed to workout. Some poor girl at the gym had left her keys on a window sill for 15 mins and when she returned they were gone so she had no way back into her apartment. The office was closed so no idea if someone just stole them or took them to turn them in tomorrow. You’d think they’d try and find the owner knowing that if someone left their keys there that they weren’t going far. She was sitting by the pool waiting for a locksmith when I left. I felt bad for her. Before I headed home I made sure she had some place to go if the locksmith never showed.

From there, I went home, downed a protein shake, took an amazing shower, started my week’s worth of chicken baking and called my mother to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there!

Drove My First Corvette

This evening my dad had me go test drive a 1971 Corvette for him since he lives in the Houston area and the car was about 5 minutes from my apartment.  It was pretty damn awesome.  Needless to say my dad is buying the car and will pick it up on Thursday.  The car looks great and runs even better.  I wanted SO badly to stomp on the gas but my drive time was limited to a residential area full of little kids.

vette1 vette2

Building A Theme From Scratch

It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.  I’ve loved Chris Spooner’s work for some time so I’ve been reading over his “How To Build Your Own WordPress Theme” …  it’s a lot of work.  With everything going on this week and this weekend, I don’t see me getting much done on this site redesign until well into May.  I am anxious to build it out though!

New Design Using WordPress

I know some of you already know this but I started volunteering with San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA) a little while back doing web development and server administration for them.  Their site runs on WordPress and I haven’t played with WordPress in YEARS so I figured the best way to get familiar was to build my own from scratch.  Let’s give this thing a spin!